Old Man Shoots Up Speed-Monitoring SUV [Video]

We’ve got a lot of questions after watching this, but first, let’s set the scene.

This incident occurred in the city of Santa Fe, where the police have unmanned SUVs set up to monitor speeds and shoot photos of motorists who violate the speed limit. One particular resident didn’t think too much of these SUVs, so he drove up and fired a few rounds into one of them.

While we can relate to his frustration, there are several curious elements to this video.

First, the guy is old and, well, this is the type of behavior you’d expect from someone who’s young and dumb.

Second, what is he wearing? Is that a nightgown? Some kind of rain slicker? Not really sure.

Third, he’s obviously not a bum. He’s driving an Audi SUV, which probably cost around $40,000.

So yeah, we’re a little confused. He had to be drunk, right?

(Via The Big Lead)