Oh, Just a Bear Sauntering Around the Suburbs

bear in the suburbs

Yup. That’s a bear strolling around Jefferson Township, NJ in the early morning hours on Monday. It’s walking upright just like you or I would and generally, just not giving a f*ck.

Stop to look in a trash can. Saunter into the woods. Pretend I’m human.

I, for one, do not enjoy bears. I mean, I’m sure they’re swell and all, but I encountered one while I was deer hunting one year. I had been told bears were not to be trifled with. I was also told they were illegal to shoot, at least at that particular time. So I got the hell out of Dodge.

That bear was not walking on his hind legs though. If he had been, I probably would have walked up, said hi and tried to shake his hand.

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