First Official Ben Affleck Batman Pic

DC has unveiled the first official look of Ben Affleck as Batman at Comic-Con. We had a look at Affleck in Batman gear before, but that wasn’t official. So this is a big deal. Or something…

Ben Affleck is Batman

What we noted is that this Batman is not clean-shaven like all the other ones have been. So maybe he’s a dirtier, sadder Batman.

Also, you’ve gotta love the furrowed brow on the mask. Who designs a mask and says, I better make the brow furrowed so people know I am always pissed off and/or confused?

The people who make Batman costumes for movies. That’s who.

Anyway, Affleck actually looks pretty good as Batman. The real test will come when we hear him speak though.

The movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, comes out in 2016.

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