News Anchors Freak Out Over Los Angeles Earthquake

Los Angeles earthquake

Los Angeles earthquake

There was an earthquake in Los Angeles this morning. It woke me from my slumber around 6:30. The KTLA morning show was already on the air at that time. It’s pretty safe to say they were pretty freaked out when it hit.

So what did they do? Why, they dove under the desk of course!

The earthquake was a 4.4, which normally wouldn’t seem like much except that it happened underneath Westwood. That’s on the west side of the city, where UCLA is located to be exact. Normally, these things are centered somewhere outside of the city, so you don’t get the full effect.

Well, we got the full effect this morning. Nothing fell or broke at our house, but it certainly scared the crap out of us. My half-awake roommate ventured into the hallway for some reason to state the obvious — “That was an earthquake.”

Thanks for the update.

I laid in bed and fell back asleep once I realized nothing fell or broke.

Too tired to go diving under anything like these clowns, I guess.