New Ad campaign for Durex in Singapore.

Its a pity that advertising agencies in this country don’t have the freedom they seem to have abroad….

This campaign is by Ogilvy, Singapore

The Wheelbarrow

The Scissors.

The See-Saw



  1. Hiya Jase

    That’s the first time I’ve ever heard anyone describe Singapore as having more freedom than somewhere else =)

    You mean the same Singapore that just sent 4 riot buses to break up a protest by 8 people in a park that used anime figurines, right?

    I think these are made for another market (perhaps yours?). The advertising multinationals here do a lot of work intended to be used outside the country. Chances of this work making it into print in Singapore is pretty much nil I think.

    But I’ll keep an eye out and if I see it I’ll snap a shot of the reaction and send it to you.

    =) Marc (Singapore)

  2. Hi Marc,

    Maybe freedom is the wrong word eh!
    Working at an ad agency too, i think im just bitter from seeing so many great ideas rejected for being to edgy or for silly local political reasons.
    Clients eh!

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