#Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down#

The Rick Astley Nature Reserve…(click to see the full sign)

A “friend” of mine once told me that i danced like our friend Mr Astley…

I havent been to a nightclub since.



  1. As if…DAMN IT.

    That’s okay, for all you pathetic soles who read the comments…You’ve just lost the game.

  2. I hereby declare that if anybody thumbs ups a rickroll again I am going to do something very bad to them. And it’s not gonna be another rickroll.

  3. to this I can only say…

    “ITS A TRAP!”

    SU, you have failed me again.

    also, kev, your a douche.

  4. Am I the only one here who actually kind of enjoys being rickrolled, especially in such a creative manner?

    StumbleUpon making me lose the game is unforgivable, however.

  5. omg y’s evey1 so angry and what the hell is rickrolled????????????

    Thumbs up…

  6. Hey! You guys! Knock off the dissing of SU. Just change your preferences if you have no sense of random humor.

  7. damnit! Rickrolled…. wow, Ive never found a bigger collection of b-tards outside of /b/ before…

  8. wow.. appearently stumble upon is nothing like this gay rickroll or astely or whatever this gay crap is.. it def. let me down big time!
    peice of crap

  9. Damn… Rickrolled by stumbleupon… at least I didn’t lose the game thi…

    bloody hell!

  10. i know this sounds kind of optimistic, but don’t you think the douchebag who made the game really made it so every time you think of it you win, and figured that he, being a total douchebag, would tell everyone that when you think about it you lose? who would make a game that they lose more than everybody else?

  11. ummmmmmmmm, I don’t understand the game. Is it a SU game? A Rick Astley game? I don’t get it.

  12. son of a….

    Hear about the Phenomenon, then get rickrolled by the same thing that showed you the phenomenon.

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