Netflix is Just as Crappy in Real Life

Netflix in real life

In case you haven’t heard, Netflix sucks. At least the streaming service does. You have to fork over more money if you actually want to get DVDs sent to you and that’s the only way you’re going to get anything that was released to DVD less than a year ago.

In addition to not being able to get any new movies, they like never change their damn selection. If you watch a lot of movies this makes Netflix absolutely unbearable. Sometimes you turn the damn thing on, scroll through the same old crap, realize it’s the same old crap, and turn it off without even watching anything.

They also put movies in multiple categories. So as you’re scrolling through the categories you’re literally seeing movies you’ve scrolled by in three other categories previously. Oh, thanks! I think I am suddenly interested in watching The Perfect Host now that I have seen it here for the third time.

And then there are the “new releases.” If a year ago qualifies as a new release, then yes. Load up on these! It’s also curious that the new releases don’t change for months. You can literally scroll through this section and 75 percent of the new releases will be the same movies that were “new releases” four months ago.

Anyway, here’s a video that transports that experience to real life.