John Oliver Takes on Cable Companies Over Net Neutrality

John Oliver on net neutrality

John Oliver did a segment on this past Sunday’s show slamming cable companies for trying to end net neutrality. And for good reason. The only winners in that scenario are large corporations, which could buy their own fast lane to deliver data on the Internet.

That would stifle competition because any company without the money to pay for that fast lane would be stuck delivering an inferior online product. In this scenario, most businesses lose. You also lose because there will be less competition, which means crappier products and service.

The end of net neutrality could ultimately create monopolies. So who’s pushing this shit plan?

The only legal monopolies we have — cable companies.

While huge corporations like Amazon, Google and Netflix have all come out against ending net neutrality, Comcast, Time Warner and whatever other asshole cable monopolies that are out there have basically bought off the government.

Here, Oliver explains further. More importantly, after you’ve laughed your ass off at this video, go here and leave a comment. And please let the government know what BS this idea is.