Naked Crayons

This projects entitled COLOURS is a creation of artist Heli Kristina Hietala.

They may just look like a bunch of crayons in the shape of naked people (well they are), but as always with these arty types, theres a lot more thought behind it than meets the eye! They are available in a number of different shapes from old woman too Hermaphrodite

The COLOURS are crayons which can be used for drawing and characters shaped as small human beings which can be used as tools for communication. It intends to show the results of involvement between characters. The results of the communication can be softening, stimulating, balancing or dirtying. It all depents of the character which is chosen. The interaction can become visible or invisible. The user makes the choice of characters and tests which way they react to each other. And what is left of the one which is used as a disposable product?