My Maple and Bacon lollies have arrived!

My 4 maple-bacon lollies from Lollyphile traveled over the pond and arrived in Cardiff on the Easter weekend! Woohoo!

Was it worth the wait? My cat Mary wasnt too impressed…

or her sister Ellie…

I was a tad nervous when i first had a suck but i was very pleasantly surprised. The taste is a lot more subtle that i had expected. The maple syrup tastes really smooth and every so often you get a bit of bacon to chew on as a reward for your hard work (they do take a while to get through).

All in all it was far less the novelty item i was expecting. It actually tasted damn good! I was expecting to take one bite on them and leave them to the side with all the other rubbish that i order over the net!

Ive only got 3 left now though and the guys over at lolliphile seem to have sold out.

Highly recommended for bacon lovers!