My last 24hrs in a brand new Porsche Cayman!

A couple of months ago, totally out of the blue, i got an invitation in the post to take part in a 24hr test drive in the new Porsche Cayman. I dont know if it was connected to this blog but what was i going to say?!? I picked it up yesterday lunch time…

Ive had a great 24hrs!

Im not going to turn all Jeremy Clarkson and spurt loads of 0-60 speed stats etc. We all know they’re fast cars. I dont know much about cars…hell i dont even know if the Cayman is a high end Porsche or the baby of the bunch. All i wanted to know was if it was going to be black or silver.

Other than the stupidly fast and loud engine, the most surprising thing that got me was the attitude from other drivers. The chav’s in particular.

Being a BMW driver, im used to being cut up and my life being made awkward by anyone that can. Im also used to every chav on the road wanting a race off the lights or just driving very aggressively around me.

Not yesterday! I took my chav-to-be little brother out around his home town to show off to his chav-to-be mates. All i got were beeps of the horn and thumbs up all around. Hands were being waved out of the window inviting me to beep back with a big thumbs up sign.

Usually i get a different hand gesture.

I was so sorry to give it back this morning. I was a little worried about the hard sell i was going to get when i took the car back, I find it very hard to say no to those guys. I bought my BMW on a trip to IKEA having stopped off at the garage to have a dream.

But the guys at Porsche Cardiff were the complete opposite of what i was expecting. A quick “had a nice time?” and that was that. Key returned and back into my chav-hated BMW.

Porsche..if your reading this, can i have a Cayenne next please. My wife and daughter hate me for leaving them at home!