Move over Liz…my face is going on that coin!

The Winter Olympics is nearly upon us. Im not sure what the general consensus is but i far prefer the Winter Games to the Summer Games. Im not sure if its the near fatal bobsled crashes or the wipe outs on the downhill skiing (or perhaps the excitement of a good game of curling).

To celebrate the winter Olympics coming to the small Canadian village of Vancouver, the Mint have launched a contest for the 2010 olympics where you could get your face on one of those big fat madalion type things that the winner gets awarded with when they come second (its a silver one).

All you have to do is submit a story tell the world that your are the greatest fan of the Olympics. Bit of a broad brief if you ask me. The top 3 stories will be awarded with 100 medallions each…with the Vancouver Olympic logo on one side and your ugly mug on the other.

Im not quite sure what you could do with your medallions. My first thought was that you could possibly go to some far isolated tribe in south africa and, using your coins to convince the tribe leader that you are in fact the king of your country, demand that they bring 5 young virgins to your tent

…or you could just put them in a box somewhere under the bed.

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