…more from the “Alternative Life Instructions” leaflet

Take a look at about:blank’s previous post from the “Alternative Life Instructions” leaflet

If anyone knows the source/author of these funny illustrations, add it to the comments so i can credit them.

UPDATE: Thanks to all the comments and the additional traffic from Mark Frauenfelder at Boing Boing, I think we may be getting somewhere.

“James” & Maggie Leber pointed us to Airtoons

“AJ” thinks it the work of Shawn Wolfe
“Heather” has pointed us to the nearest match at Something Awful, which had a photoshop competition with similar illustrations although i’m not positive they are as professionally finished as the Doppleganger or Bully Manual but there are some funny attempts:

The search goes on!


  1. i believe the initial idea was from ‘airtoons’ (www.airtoons.com) but this seems to be from one of the ones who borrowed the idea.

  2. Another clue that the author is American is that the cartoons are actually funny.

  3. The doppelganger cartoon is a fusion of images used on the somethingawful thread. See the somethingawfuls for IndieRockLance’s “Way to go she’s Dead and it’s your fault” for the doppelganger on the receiving end of the hot doppelganger-on-doppelganger action and Jumpin_Frog’s “Investigation Shows Olsens’ Mother Forced Bulimia” for the giving it end.

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  9. It seems to me that this is some leaflet about life saving techniques… it hast just been modyfied to look funny. But still one question .. who did this ?

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