More Bacony Goodness

While life here for me is somewhat complicated, I have been told that everything bleak can appear better with liberal application of booze. In fact, if it is true that alcohol can improve anything, then Mr Site Admin Sir will fully appreciate this little gem.

May I present to the jury, Bacon Vodka.

Yes, that is exactly as you heard it. Vodka. With Bacon.

What to do with it you ask? You can give it away as a gift, use it in a Bloody Mary, Make a Bastardized Cloudy Martini (a real martini doesn’t have vodka) with it and a blue cheese stuffed olive. I haven’t tried this one, but I can recognize the appeal of a Pickle Juice Sport made with bacon vodka (that’s pickle juice mixed with vodka).

Now, unlike certain other Bacon-Themed foods HE has come across, this one at first made me think “Ewww” then a moment later I thought “But then again…”

Please, someone tell me I’m not coming down with the crazy that seems to permeate this site…

Anyway, check out the site and have a look at some of the other stuff on there.

(Dan @ 0ddness)