Michael Bay Can’t Handle it When the Teleprompter Doesn’t Work

Director Michael Bay. What can I say. I think he’s a hack. Transformers? Thanks for ruining my favorite childhood toy for all time. Pearl Harbor? Armageddon? Atrocious movies.

The only things you’ve even been involved with that were actually good were Bad Boys and The Rock.

So, for some reason Samsung enlisted Michael Bay to help them build up one of their products at CES, the consumer electronics event of the year. Bay came on stage, and when he couldn’t deliver his pre-scripted answers to easy questions off the teleprompter, he just walked off.

I mean, when someone asks you a question, just answer the damn thing. Right? Only someone like Michael Bay — someone who lacks any intellect or talent — would be unable to formulate answers to questions on his own.

So, here he is being unable to formulate an original thought for your enjoyment.