Men get banned from beach in Italy

Women are flocking to a beach on the Adriatic Coast in Italy where everything male is banned. No prying eyes or footballs getting kicked in your face.

Bathers arriving at Beach no 134 on the 50-mile stretch of beach clubs linking Rimini to Riccione on the Adriatic coast are greeted with a large sign featuring a cross over an image of a man.

“Here I can allow myself to be less than perfect,” said Cinzia Donati, 43, of Milan.

But in a last ditch attempt…they have let one man in on the game. The lifeguard.

Fausto, owner of the beach, said that one man would be allowed in. “The lifeguard must be a man. Clearly, to save a woman you need a man. It’s a question of muscles.”

And thats not sexist at all. via Attuworld