Maurice Mbikayi’s Keyboard Art [Photos]

Maurice Mbikayi keyboard art

Maurice Mbikayi is an amazing artist.

Personally, his use of unconventional materials reminds me of American artist Tim Hawkinson.

Mbikayi was born in Kinshasa, Congo, and lives in Cape Town, South Africa. He studied graphic design and visual communication at the Academies des Beaux Arts. The majority of his work has been exhibited in Africa.

From Mbikayi’s artist statement:

Proceeding by collecting hardware remnants of this rapidly developing technology and other found objects and incorporating them into my work, The resultant mixed media drawings and sculptures ask questions such as to whom such technological resources are made available and at what or whose expense? What are the consequences impacting on our people and environment?

I look at similarities of differences of populations from diverse background and their response related to human earth issues.

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