‘Marriage should be limited to seven years’ says German politician

A Bavarian politian known as the “beautiful state counsellor” in her home town of Furth (why?) has proposed that marriages should last for only seven years before the couple decide to go their separate ways or sign up for an extension.

The time limit would lead to fewer divorces, according to candidate for the leadership of Bavaria’s dominant conservative party, Gabriele Pauli.

“My proposal is for marriages to run out after seven years,” Pauli, a twice-divorced 50-year-old who leads the local administration in the town of Fuerth, said as she presented her leadership program in Munich.

“That means that, in future, people would in future enter marriages only on a time-limited basis, and would then actively say ‘yes’ to an extension,” she added.

I cant imagine lawyers being too happy about this! Look at the advertising we would miss out on:

via DailyMail (image via MentalFloss)