Marriage Proposal Photobomb

We’d say this marriage proposal was staged, but pretty much every marriage proposal is staged, so we can’t really say that. This one just looks super staged.

Like, “Hey, I’m gonna propose at this time in the park. Be there with your camera so you can get a shot.” And then, “Okay, I’m proposing now, but I’m going to pause slightly before I slip the ring on so you can snap an appropriate shot.”

Hell, maybe it didn’t go down like that. Instead, maybe two ne’er-do-wells were walking by while this dude was proposing and something like this happened.

“Hey, this asshole is throwing his life away. I’m gonna take a picture so I can laugh at it in the future.”

“Wait! I’ll give you something you can really laugh at!”

Either way, we laughed pretty hard when we saw this tool in the background mooning the shot.

(Via Blame It On The Voices)