Man follows every rule in the bible..for a year.

…and ends up looking like noah.

A. J. Jacobs spent the year carrying around a stapled list of the more than
700 rules and prohibitions identified in the Good Book, and also
consulted with religious leaders and spent time with the Amish,
Hassidic Jews and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

He was even asked to stone someone for adultery..what fun!

What happened was, I was in the park, dressed in my white garb, and
this man in his 70s came over and asked what I was doing. I explained I
was trying to follow every rule in the Bible as literally as possible,
including growing my beard, not mixing fibers, stoning adulterers, and
he said, “I’m an adulterer, are you going to stone me?” I said, “Yeah
that would be great.” The Bible doesn’t say what size the stones have
to be, so I had been carrying around these pebbles in my pocket for
just such an occasion. I took the pebbles out of my pocket, and he
instantly picked one up and threw it at me, so I decided, an eye for an
eye, and I tossed one at him.

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