Man accused of taking photos of drumsticks in local supermarket horror!

Chef Billy King, 45, claims he was humiliated by security staff who frog-marched him to the front of the store after a mix-up over the drumsticks at the deli counter.

While shopping in the Llandudno Junction store in north Wales, Mr King told staff he thought the drumsticks were burnt and asked if others were available. He was holding a camera-phone in his hand and staff accused him of taking pictures of the food, which he denied.

The shopper told the Welsh Daily Post he was escorted by a security guard to the front of store and told to wait for the manager.

“I felt victimised because I hadn’t been taking photographs – what happened to me was totally unacceptable.

“All I was trying to do was buy some chicken drumsticks to go with chorizo sausages and pancetta. I was planning to make a Spanish meal.”

via icWales