Maggie Hockenberry’s Insanely Awkward Corn-Related News Report

Maggie Hockenberry on corn

The annual Urbana Sweetcorn Festival is going on in Illinois right now. Naturally, WCIA 3 sent one of their reporters out to cover the momentous event.

What she turned in is hands down the worst corn-related news report ever.

First, Maggie Hockenberry references the line of people behind her lining up for some corn. She even turns to motion toward this line of people. The only problem is, there’s no one lined up for corn behind her. There’s no one lined up at all.

There’s also the tremendous insight that “corn is just what everyone is caring about this year.”

Compelling and rich.

The best part comes at the end though, when Maggie tries her own ear of corn. Or pretends to try it, at least. And then says absolutely nothing.

We’ll be concluding this report on corn with some awkward silence!

This is uncomfortably awkward and these people should be kicked out of TV news.

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  1. Your a loser that has no business making fun of this reporter ! Get a real life and let the news reporter do her job or maybe you should find a real job !

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