Lionel Richie’s Chocolate Head Should Effectively Frighten You

Lionel Richie's Chocolate Head

Yup. That’s Lionel Richie’s head in chocolate form.

Are you frightened? I sure as hell am.

Even better, you can buy this thing. It costs $839.89 in whatever sort of money they use in the UK.

I love the bullet-pointed description of this concoction. Check it out.

  • Feast upon the gorgeous moustached face of a soul legend
  • In your dreams you’ve kissed his lips a thousands times
  • Made from 9kg of delicious Belgian milk chocolate
  • Tenderly hand-finished by a blind art student

That first one is priceless. Because I have always dreamed of feasting on the face of a gorgeous, mustached soul legend. Personally, I was hoping it would be Marvin Gaye’s face I feasted on though.

Oh well.

The good news is, this gives us an excuse to whip out this bad boy. Rock on, Professor Richie!