LEGO Versions of Your Favorite Bands

I always knew LEGOs were cool, but I never really realized how popular they were until lately. Like, people really flip their shit when new sets are released, especially if they’re at all associated with something pop culture-y.

I tend to remain indifferent. That’s because I’m a grown-ass man who doesn’t play with toys anymore. That, and because there were never enough roof pieces no matter what size LEGO house I built when I was a kid. I mean, c’mon! Did they purposefully leave every set two or three shingles short of a full roof?!

Sure seems like it.

Anyway, I may be indifferent toward LEGOs these days, but I realize many of you are not. And you’re dorks, but that’s okay too. What I am not indifferent to is music.

Unlike LEGO, music has never disappointed me. Well, except for that piece of crap Chinese Democracy, which I waited 10 DAMN YEARS FOR!

On to the point. Here are some of your favorite bands in LEGO. Lots of anger in these shots for some reason…

The Beatles LEGO

Joy Division

Cypress Hill

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Radiohead LEGOFoo Fighters

Beastie Boys

Pearl Jam LEGO

The Pixies

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