LEGO Death by Oil

LEGO Shell

I didn’t really get what was going on here at first. Yeah, it’s a totally rad LEGO depiction of the arctic. And then what appears to be oil comes and covers everything up, presumably killing all of the living organisms in its path.

That’s not rad.

Someone must be to blame! Who is it?!

It turns out it’s Shell, which is probably doing all kinds of nasty things to the arctic as we speak. This is a Greenpeace video and they happen to be pissed at Shell. But they’re also pissed at LEGO.

But why!?

Because LEGO sells bricks with the Shell logo, which in Greenpeace’s eyes tells kids that Shell is okay. They want LEGO to end their partnership with Shell.

What say you Greenpeace?

But when LEGO’s halo effect is being used to sell propaganda to children, especially by an unethical corporation who are busy destroying the natural world our children will inherit, we have to do something.

Children’s imaginations are an unspoilt wilderness. Help us stop Shell polluting them by telling LEGO to stop selling Shell-branded bricks and kits today.

I think we can probably get behind that. Who gives a crap about Shell anyway?

You can sign the Greenpeace petition here.