KTVA Reporter Charlo Greene Quits Live on Air

Charlo Greene: fuck it, I quit

KTVA (Anchorage, Alaska) reporter Charlo Greene quit live on air by saying, “Fuck it, I quit.” Then she walked off.

Before that, she revealed that she was the founder of the AK Cannabis Club and said something about fighting for marijuana legalization in Alaska. She also mentioned that she didn’t have a choice in the matter, which we believe to mean that the station gave her an ultimatum to either ditch the pot club or lose her job.

So, if you run a TV station, here’s a good idea. Don’t threaten someone’s job and then allow them to go on the air.

The news anchor is absolutely befuddled as to what to do after Greene’s announcement. She apologizes and then stumbles around for a bit before moving on to the next story.

Tremendous stuff. Fight the good fight, Charlo!