Just a Woman in Jeans in a Pool at a Football Game

woman in jeans in pool

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a really awful football team. They’re like the NFL’s junior varsity squad, but the league still lets them play with varsity teams every week.

Here’s a bye week that you’ll actually earn a win for, the league says to opposing teams.

Anyway, people don’t really want to go to Jaguars games because why would you want to watch a team play a sport you love horribly? So the organization does shit like adding poolside cabanas to the stadium.

Come watch our crappy team lose, but do it in a pool!

Kinda cool.

So yeah, you’ve got quite the mix in the pool here at Sunday’s game. You’ve got some teenagers staring at a hot chick in a bikini, which is totally expected and acceptable. Then you’ve got a woman wearing jeans and what appears to be sweatshirt in the other half of the pool.

Not expected or acceptable.

(these guys)