Just Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Calderón Peeing Himself

Juan Manuel Santos Calderón

We can’t really say we know much about Colombian politics. Actually, scratch that. We know zero about Colombian politics. We just learned today that the country’s president is Juan Manuel Santos Calderón.

And we only learned that because there’s a video of him peeing himself floating around. It’s not at all what you’re thinking. Well, yes it is. It’s a grown man emptying his bladder into his pants.

It isn’t some kind of weird, kinky thing though. Nor is it an I’m-deathly-ill-and-can’t-control-my-bladder kind of thing. Nope.

It’s the kind of thing where you’re giving a speech to a bunch of people from a stage and you just pee your pants for everyone to see and then just keep going on like nothing happened.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t vote for a pants pisser for president. You know, unless someone from a drug cartel held a gun to my head.