Jose Canseco Rides with Goats in Diapers in His Car

Jose Canseco is an odd dude. At one time he was one of the best players in baseball (when he played for the Oakland Athletics). Then he admitted to steroid use and decided to rat out a bunch of other guys who supposedly juiced.

At that point, baseball wanted nothing do with him anymore. Since then, he’s kind of become a caricature of himself. When he isn’t doing something stupid in plain public view, he’s saying something stupid.

Well, yesterday’s events fall into the former category. Canseco got pulled over and the cops found that he was riding with goats, who were wearing diapers.

Jose Canseco's goat

Well, obviously there must be some totally rationale explanation for this, right?

Of course!

I’m just guessing here, but I would think most people would use either a truck or some sort of animal-hauling trailer for transporting goats.

I could be wrong though.