Infographic: Creation Of A Cereal Box

We love cereal!

In fact, since we stopped eating fat, AKA delicious, scrumptious bacon, cereal has been our basic form of morning sustenance. But not the cereal of our youth, of which the rotation largely consisted of the cereals that had the best prizes in the bottom of the box.

Hell, they were all infused with sugar. Good enough!

The important things we learned from this cereal infographic are this.

1. John Kellogg essentially stole the idea for cereal from Dr. James Caleb Jackson by repackaging Jackson’s Granula as Granola. The first real cereal was Special K, which they’ll never tell you today. Kellogg was subsequently slapped with a trademark infringement lawsuit by Jackson.

2. Whoever made this graphic mistakes the real American way, which is stealing someone else’s idea and marketing it better, with their version of the American way — filing a lawsuit. As you probably know, Kellogg built a successful company despite the lawsuit. Jackson is a footnote in history. Case. In. Point.

3. Americans love their fucking cereal! And also, creative teams, which are essentially comprised of idiots, were born to market cereals, which are more or less just simple variations of each other.

If you love cereal or simply need a laugh, check out the inforgraphic.

The creation of cereal

(Via MTV… of all places!)