Im hooked. 5 Most Popular Apps on Facebook

I was introduced to Facebook yesterday. Damn that was a mistake.
Its for this reason there has been a decrease in the amount of posts here these last couple of days.

Anyway, while doing some googling on facebook, i came accross this article which i thought i would show you all.

Here are the five most popular Facebook applications.

  1. iLike integrates the music social network and recommendation service into your profile. Adding music-based social networking to Facebook makes perfect sense, and is something they could have easily done themselves.
  2. Horoscopes (by RockYou!) adds twice-weeky horoscope readings to your profile.
  3. The Compass (by the Washington Post) involves taking a survey that determines your political compass. The results are then displayed on your profile. It’s a fun idea, but hardly qualifies as an ‘application’.
  4. Games adds multiplayer web-based games to Facebook: “Play games and meet new people in your networks! Add the Games application to get access to a constantly changing selection of fun multi-player games, all right in your browser.� Pretty obvious but neat idea that has the potential to take traffic away from dedicated web-based gaming social networks. If the games are any good that is.
  5. Picnik adds basic photo editing functionality to Facebook. Considering that the social network has been reported as the largest photo-sharing site on the web, giving users the ability to re-size, crop, and enhance their photos without leaving the site is a smart move. Although again, it seems like the kind of thing Facebook should have done themselves.

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