Ice Bucket Challenge FAIL!

ice bucket challenge fail

Yes, I am sick of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Please stop it. If you’re really concerned about people with ALS, donate some money to ALS research.

Seriously, how many of those idiots who dumped water over themselves do you think even bothered to do anything to further the cause that they were supposedly promoting awareness for? I would guess probably about 1 percent. Most of them just wanted attention for dumping a cold bucket of water over their head.

Well, way to go. You’re awesome.

They probably don’t even know what ALS is. In fact, I’d bet that a lot of people who took the Ice Bucket Challenge had no idea why they were doing it.

Well, someone challenged me. Yeah, great.

At any rate, this pretty much sums up how stupid I think all of that was. A nice big Ice Bucket Challenge FAIL!