Huge worm type thing!

Try getting the celebrities to eat one of these on “I’m a celebrity…” Anybody have any idea what this giant is?


via Ueba


  1. that my friend is a wiggesty grub. ive seen one this big before at home, in australia. you can eat them , they are very soft in the mouth hahha they usually live on the forest floor and in dead trees and eventually turn into beatles or somthing. im preobally wrong about that but thats what i have been told

    hope that helps.

  2. I assume it’s photoshop – searching google for “giant grub” only comes up with these sourceless images. It’s not just slightly larger then normal grubs, but HUNDREDS of times larger, which is hint that it’s fake. Imagine how big of a beetle that would have to grow into..

  3. My husband just found of these nasty creatures today when cutting wood outside. And, YES, they do get that big! That is about the size of the one my husband found. It is so gross! (I know, I am a baby)

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