How to save a drowning cat…

Its a subject that comes up in conversation all that time isnt it…just how do you resuscitate a drowning cat?

Pick it up and whirl it around in the air above your head of course!

Glad we covered that hot topic.

via Reddit

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Author: Jase

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  1. Just make sure you have enough room to swing that cat or the results could be disastrous!

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  2. Now that is bizarre

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  3. You should do that to cats even if they aren’t drowning.

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  4. sir bob is obviously retarded..

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  5. The gentleman in the picture happened to be a veterinary surgeon, from the Stafford area!

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  6. youre meant to do this with babies too.

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  7. Good thing we didn’t have to do that! Our kitten stayed in a rainstorm under the grill,we fed him kitty mush and rubbed his back. I couldn’t watch.

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