Hlp! Fyr! Cm Qck.Im ht. TXT 999

The emergency services in the UK will soon have a new text messaging service that ill work in tandem with the traditional 999 call centre.

Also, the 999 operator will be able to tell the location of the call by the signals sent by the mobile phone.

Soon, typing in text speak “hlp 5-o sum1 hs brokN n2 my hous” – ‘Help police, someone has broken into my house’ – should summon an emergency response.

Or sending “fyr my hous S burnin dwn” – text lingo for “Fire! My house is burning down” – will dispatch the fire brigade or “i tnk i’m havN a heartattack” could see an ambulance swiftly sent to a stricken patient.

This is London
via Spluch