Here’s Steve Perry Lip Syncing His Own Song

Steve Perry

Steve Perry, the former lead singer of Journey, is a big San Francisco Giants fan. He’s from San Francisco and turns up at their games from time to time, like the past two games they’ve played in the NLCS.

And if you know anything about postseason baseball, it’s that teams LOVE to play Journey songs, especially Don’t Stop Believin’. One of those teams is the San Francisco Giants. Another is the Kansas City Royals, who are already in the World Series.

Ironically, the Los Angeles Dodgers at one time loved to play Don’t Stop Believin’, but Journey got pissed and told them to stop because Giants fans and Dodgers fans don’t get along.

At any rate, a couple videos have surfaced from these last two Giants’ games of none other than Steve Perry in the stands when a Journey song comes on. Does Steve Perry hate this? I mean, he no longer gets along with the rest of the band. He’s heard these songs thousands of times…

Hell no!

Steve Perry is going to lip sync along to the songs he used to sing for real just like the rest of the crowd!

For the record, Steve Perry’s finest moment did not come with Journey. It came when he went solo and released Oh Sherrie.