Here’s a Sort of Gremlins Reunion

Gremlins reunion

You know you are getting old when shit from your childhood is turning 30. Case in point: Gremlins (and Ghostbusters and Karate Kid, for that matter).

Gremlins came out on June 8, 1984, so it’s actually over 30 years old now. But we didn’t realize that until Empire magazine came up with this kinda sorta Gremlins reunion photo, which was posted today.

We say kinda sorta because, well, it’s just an odd group. Some cast, some crew and one guy who didn’t even work on Gremlins. He did work on the sequel, however. But we’re still not sure how that qualifies him to be in this photo.

Did you know there was a Gremlins sequel? Yeah, it was called The New Batch. I don’t remember it either.

Here’s the photo lineup: Chris Walas (Gremlins creator), Dick Miller (Murray Futterman), Joe Dante (director), Zach Galligan (Billy Peltzer) and Rick Baker (special effects supervisor: Gremlins 2: The New Batch).

Where’s my girl Phoebe Cates!?

Oh, right. She’s right here.

Sorry to get you excited and then not deliver those breasts. You can find them on YouTube though.

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