Here’s a Kid Vomiting on the Medal Stand

kid vomiting on medal stand

I just could not stop laughing when I saw this. It comes from the Nebraska state speech championship, which was held last week.

Although he was apparently poised enough to get up in front of a bunch of people and give a speech and be the fifth-best kid in the state in doing so, the kid on the right was not equally as poised on the medal stand.

Poor bastard.

It’s the moment when you’re vomiting in public just before anyone notices. And then, awful, awful shame.

His effort to catch his vomit, although valiant (and pointless) appears to be a failure as well.

I can empathize though. Why? Let’s just say you shouldn’t play basketball after drinking a very warm carton of milk. Fortunately, I made it to the door of the bathroom and wasn’t on a medal stand for everyone to watch.