Here’s Jeff Gordon Scaring the Crap Out of Some Punk Writer

Jeff Gordon scares this clown

Jeff Gordon is a race car driver. NASCAR to be exact. And while we’re not generally big fans of NASCAR, we are big fans of pranks.

And that’s what this is about. A while back, Gordon (and Pepsi, who paid for the whole thing) pulled a stunt where he pretended he was taking a car for a test drive. While on this test drive, Gordon went into full race car driver mode and the salesman flipped the hell out.

A number of people thought that prank was fake. One of those guys was Jalopnik’s Travis Okulski. So, Pepsi and Gordon decided to show Okulski just how fake it was. They flew him to Charlotte where he was supposedly supposed to see or be part of some top-secret commercial. Then Gordon, posing as an ex-con cab driver, picks him up from his hotel and…

We think Okulski wet his pants.