Here’s a Husband Running Over his Wife with a Four Wheeler

husband runs over wife with four wheeler

husband runs over wife with four wheeler

Here’s the scene. A dude is riding his four wheeler through some mud because, wooooooo! America!

His wife is recording this magical ride because, wooooooo! My husband is awesome! America!

At the end of his mud run he gets a little too happy with the gas, pops a wheelie for extra cool points and then runs his wife the hell over. In hilarious fashion, she repeatedly exclaims, “What’s wrong with you?”

That’s a good question.

Of course, he’s apologizing profusely, but we know better. You and I both know there was a brief moment, as he was coming out of the mud where he said to himself, “I’m just going to floor it and run this bitch over. That will be good for a laugh!”

Then he probably felt bad immediately after he did it.

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