Here’s How They Deal with the Loud Neighbor in Beverly Hills

If you haven’t had a loud obnoxious neighbor, you’re lucky. For the most part, neighbors suck.

If you happen to live in an apartment, it can be even worse because you’re packed into a box with a bunch of people. If you own a house, you just have to deal with the idiots on each side of you.

So here’s the scene — Beverly Hills, where semi-rich people live and where dumb tourists go to shop. Someone in the apartment building is being loud. Actually, they’re loudly complaining about their shitty life. Constantly.

So you get this — a nice letter and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin champagne telling you to shut the hell up. Before you get too carried away about the champagne, it’s only about $55 a bottle on average.

Better than a six-pack of PBR, though.

champagne letter