Here’s a Chainsaw Embedded in a Guy’s Neck

chainsaw in neck

Sorry. No blood guts. I think I probably would have puked if I saw the actual photo of this mishap instead of the x-ray. The x-ray is plenty though, isn’t it? We’re pretty sure you can imagine what this actually looked like.

So yeah, that’s a chainsaw embedded in a guy’s neck. And guess what — he’s just fine.

It’s funny. You don’t ever hear about when the guy got the chainsaw embedded in his neck and died, do you? That’s how it’s supposed to go, though. You only hear about it when someone suffers some horrific injury that should have killed them, but somehow they live anyway.

This particular guy is named James Valentine and he cuts trees for a living in Pennsylvania. On Monday he was doing his job when the chainsaw kicked back and landed there. Here’s the money quote.

“I felt it and shut the saw off.  It was in me and still running,” said Valentine.

Ho hum. I felt it and shut it off. No big deal.


A coworker removed the saw’s motor and took Valentine to the hospital with the blade still hanging there. And the doctor says it didn’t hit anything Valentine needs, so on with the show!