Here’s a Nintendo GameCube Hookah


Remember the Nintendo GameCube? Of course you don’t. It’s the system that came out between the Nintendo 64 and the Wii. So why would you need that?

You wouldn’t.

I had a friend who had one, though. We played it for about six months and then moved on to something else. I think it was called a PlayStation of some variation.

Well, Nebula Vaping Lounge in Mesa, Arizona (which is a fairly-large city next to Phoenix, for those of you who don’t know Arizona geography) has found something useful to do with these consoles. Turn them into hookahs!

I can’t quite see from the photo where the hell you put your tobacco… or what have you, in, but this is nonetheless an awesome idea. They’re apparently going to start selling these things at some point.

Presumably if they can locate enough GameCubes…