Here’s a Bear in a Lamborghini

bear in a Lamborghini

Nothing says small genitalia like a yellow Lamborghini and nothing says total douchebag like a guy driving a yellow Lamborghini with a bear in the passenger seat.

That’s right, a bear. This happened in Huntington Beach, California on Monday. Oh, and of course king douche was blocking traffic so people could marvel at his yellow Lambo with the bear inside.

Below is video of people taking pictures with the bear. And, well, I’ve got news for you people of Huntington Beach, you’d never get that close to a real bear unless he was very well trained or mildly sedated. Bears bite. I know this first hand. They even growl sometimes, unlike this bear.

So what was the point of this idiotic stunt? No idea, but feel free to check out people taking pictures with a bear in a Lamborghini.