Have you ever wondered what a TON of weed looks like???

You going to get the major munchies after that!


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Author: Jase

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  1. There’s no way that’s a ton. A ton is 2000 lbs, half the weight of your average US passenger car… made of steel and glass. What you have there is maybe a 300 lb pile of weed at best, unless it’s wet.

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  2. haha, a man in the know!
    How about just slightly damp?

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  3. man, i don’t know how much that is, but i know, i would fuck around and die tryin to smoke all of that shit, but i don’t know about a ton. A ton would have to fuck around and fill up a big ass truck or something. I could probably fit all of that shit in my Honda trunk and my back seat. A ton, i would sell all of that shit and be rich as hell. Probably make some good money after bagging all of that shit up…..

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  4. who the fuck cares if its not a ton! i hate those fuckin guys who like to think they know it all! much love to homeboy make your money or party it up man! you know how to do it big! really like anyone has seen a ton of weed to really hate.

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