Have you ever heard of “scarification”?

Wikipedia: Scarification is a permanent body modification that uses scar tissue produced by the body to form designs, pictures, or words in the skin. Scars are most often formed by cutting or branding the skin. Scarification is sometimes called cicatrization.


  1. hi i am really interested in this and was wondering how much its cost roughly. i would really like to have a design scared on i dont know how else i would put it please help me find out as much information as possible thank you

  2. some beautiful stuff, but yeah the top wound looks infected.. kind of funny considering the symbol it is.

  3. As a professional body mod artist, I can honestly say that prices range depending on the size and complexity of the design. You also have to decide whether you want it cut or branded into your skin. There are four ways to brand. strike brands, cold brands, laser, and cauterization. All of these have different prices.

  4. As someone who has been extensively scarred (standard cutting, skin removal, and branded) I would like to say the top picture is probably NOT infected in any serious way. A brand or skin removal scarification will have a time of looking like that. As part of the process some people even cultivate a mild local infection. Irritation is a part of scarification. Trust me I’ve seen pictures of that bird while it was healing. It looked just as bad. If you want to have this type of thing done consider that aspect. As to price its often similar to what you’d pay for a tattoo of the same size. At least here in NY.

  5. You people are fucked up. Get a life you bunch of emo fuckers. That is not art, it is a waste of life. You people think it is cool to mutilate your selves while there are people in third world countries that have to cope with life with out limbs because of conflict in their countries. I have a sister who was a “cutter” and all you people can do is make it into a picture and call it art. Way to be good role models.

  6. Scarification is not self-mutilation, or mutilation in any form. It is something that has been done within tribal Africa for centuries. What makes it so different from tattooing, which is, for the most part, socially acceptable? Is it because there is more blood involved? Is it because it violates our instinct not to bring harm upon ourselves? Scarification is art, and is not connected with being a “cutter” or being “emo.” I have many scars, some professionally done, some accidentally done. And each and every one has meaning and has served a purpose in my life. So please, Mitch, before you pass judgement, do your homework and gain some understanding of this art form.

    And for Kayleigh, definately check out BMEzine.com, the owners of Modblog. It truly is the best body modification site on the internet.

  7. getting branded isn’t really my thing but others are free to do whatever they want. I woldn’t really consider this “art” per say

  8. for me tattooing was quite expensive coz i dont earn there r no artists in my area.
    so scarification came into practice.
    im not a good artist but i can work with simple designs.
    the first pic is good coz the guy got the whole chunk removed i guess.or may be got through a heat stamp. but is good,can be home made.
    second one is like scarification at its upper edge,very good indeed and i hope i could make one like that.
    till now i have a pentagram with a quarter moon on left and sun on right side of it.
    i am sure its going to grow on my hands.

  9. this is actualy amazing…and btw to that idiot who thinks it ’emo’…well its probably the least ’emo’ thing to have tbh haha.

    this is pure art, and if you dont apriciate it..why the hella are you even bothering to be on this site? by taking the mick out of other people dont make you hard mate.

    get a life.

  10. Hey mitch, shut up. Not trying to be a jerk here but i hate when people talk about stuff they have no clue about, those third world countries you mentioned are where these artforms originated and not because of thier sffering but because of thier cultural pride and identity. As for your allegations of self mutilation, it is nothing of the sort. It is an artform not unlike tatooing or piercing (which coincidentally have similar origins). Speaking as a former cutter, branding myself artistically was one of the most healing and liberating experiences of my life, and was a major factor in my COMPLETE recovery from severe depression and suicide attempts.

  11. I love this sort of stuff, hopefully getting a tattoo when im old enough but this looks good as well mite get both like together. Mitch is a twat this stuff looks great and it’s not emo, although it can release stress. I’m 15 and i do this sorta stuff have a dew self harm sorta things but more than that i have an E branded on my right shoulder and a like brotherhood symbol on my left, its like between me and a few mates. It’s a great laugh and looks so cool.

  12. Mitch mentions the cliche “people in third world countries” when that’s exactly where scarification began. Australian indigenous tribes, African tribes, mayans, and countless other cultures practiced scarification and still do.

  13. This isn’t art this is just self mutilation. I can understand it if it were par of your culture but trying to justify doing this to yourself because of that, well, that’s kind of weak. To anybody who wants to do this to themselves, make shure you do it after, and only after, investigating all the reprocussions and posible problems that may arrise. That is there for life, no removing it at all. At least a tattoo can be removed.

  14. I went to my tattoist to crack on with my sleeve, he said, ‘Hey fancy getting branded’, I said, ‘DO IT’, at this point I thought he was joking, but he carried on and so did I. He branded me over a rubbish old cover-up tattoo I had years ago. Its two days old, so I am awaiting the full results to take effect, once they do, I will post a pic… Worth the pain so far…Def not for the faint hearted !!!

  15. I recently got my first scarification done and tonight get more but I have never understood why it is more acceptable to get relatively large pieces of you flesh removed via needles (piercing) or get stabbed thousands of times over while introducing foreign things into your body (tattoo). Note also I do have many piercings and tattoos I just think those people who find this wrong and disgusting are wierd. MY body, NOT yours.

  16. not my thing but it looks really cool and to the mitch and anoymous guy wtf r u doing on this site if u dont like it and you should get a life, btw does it really hurt alot and a m8 asks is it done in england.

  17. Cosmetic surgery=scarification. Body modification is body modification. People usually agree with women or men getting body piercings, nose jobs, tattoos, lipo, breast implants. But why? They’re altering their bodies just the same.
    The initial use of cutting and branding was to mark rites of passage in a person’s life, or as participation in ancient rituals. Though it’s not done for the exact same reasons these days, it is still a spiritual experience for most people.
    Besides, people need to quit being dicks and accept that not everyone has the same beliefs about things as they do.

  18. Mike made me laugh… first and foremost mitch, if we are the people you say we are, we wouldnt give the slightest shit what you thought, secondly, it is so far from emo or even actual depression coz emos cut for attention, and a considerable number of people with depression cut themselfs where nobody can see so they can hide it, thirdly, your point about mutilation in third world countries is total bollocks, the day i can walk into a tattoo parlour or where ever you go for scarification, and get my leg cut off as a form of art then i will apologize, but personally i think jesus is more likely to rise again and get scarification before that happens. not my cup of tea but i think when done properly it can look quite cool so anyone who is sure they want it, good for them!

  19. Spider : scarification didnt originate from australian tribes it came mainly from african tribes. .
    Mike : you seriously must not have a life if your on here going on about crap you honestly have no clue about. “Emos” as everyone says arent the only people who cut them selves and if thats what you think you need a reality check mate. Get a life.
    I think this stuff looks so good its better than tattoos but it probally hurts more as well.

  20. Scarification is something i only came into in the past couple of months, and im still trying to find out more about it. I love my peircings and currently planning on getting a tattoo then scarification may be my next step. It looks totally awesome though seen some bad designs but everyone has there own taste.

    N Mike is just a clueless twat that obv doesnt have anything better to do than try and cause conflict, people like him are what is wrong in this world.

  21. if you want it done thats your thing, but whoever said it wasnt self mutilation is just wrong. yes there is some ritualistic importance of scarification, in ancient africa and some untouched tribes today, along with a few who have tried to hang onto their culture, but here though its just about having a design on your body, and i cant see why anyone would go with this over a tattoo unless they just liked feeling intense pain. my personal opinion on it is irrelevant, however you cant claim that it is not self mutilation, cutting out sections of your flesh most certainly falls in that category.

    also body modification is body modification, however cosmetic surgery is not the same as scarification. thats like saying that christianity is christianity but the catholics are the same as the baptists.

    i can only imagine the pain you would have to go through for the healing process, though. just looking at some of these is incredibly sickening, and i’ve watched people cut open their scrotum’s and remove their own testicles.

  22. You all are gay…get a life…if you reply to my comment then you are even gay’er…faggs get a life and stop trying to get attention form other people via self mutilation because you cant get it at home with mommy…faggs!

  23. Weather its mutilation or modification is all in the eye of the beholder….i beleive mutilation is if you get a tattoo or scar done unwillingly. Mutilation would be getting a tattoo you have put no thought into that ultimately causes the most damage to a person….i suggest watching a movie called “modify” before you decide to call all of us emo loosers who need to get a life….as a tattoo artist myself i tend to tell my customers “skin is boring and its your right to decorate it as you wish” to each his or her own way…..getting hit by a car…now thats mutilation…it is illegal in some states to get a tattoo or piercing on your face…now thats mutilation of our rights. So i leave you with this, before you accuse us of mutilating our bodies take a second and thing about what the government does to us everyday….that is mutilation

  24. And in reply to “yalldumb” we obviously dont have to try to get attention becase we received too much from your dumb ass…taking the time to write that stupid comment took up some of your time. You took the time to read the article so thank you ya dumb bitch weve obviously got your attention…..so instead of yalldumb it is yourdumb you tootie fuckin fruity bitch

  25. I would probably never do this to myself, but it does look awesome, and some of the others that i have seen have been really bad ass… and to all those who badmouthed this, i believe you are just jealous… and secretly want to or have gotten this done to yourself… but like Lizz said, Its your body do with it what you want. Have a great day everyone. 🙂

  26. I love this shit. i got a few tats inner lip included my fav location. and i plan on getting a gingerbread man branded on my chest but i still think its pretty fucking stupid of me i dont know why i like this shit but its awesome. i kind of agree that it is self mutilation but its in an artistic form im not really sure what im trying to say but i like tattoos and scars brand plugs all that but i dont really think its necessarily right. and dont get me wrong ive never been a cutter and i have always loved myself and im very in touch with my inner personality but whoever said its MY body NOT yours sounds like a spoiled bitch.

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