Hacked Road Signs [Photos]

We’ve seen all manner of hacked road signs turning up over the past several years, but our favorites have always involved some stupid dork reference.

This is probably because dorks like to hack road signs.

Anyway, here are some of the best. A lot of them seem to involve zombies, so if you’re getting the great idea to hack a road sign, you might want to stay away from the zombie theme.

It’s been done… repeatedly.

(Via Blastr)

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  1. Whoop!! there it is
    Run Forrest!
    Entering Alternate Dimension, Reset Clocks
    Government hard at work… Haha, yeah right!
    Warning, hacked sign! Beware of Nerd taking over Planet!
    Immediate Warning! Signs distract drivers! Stop reading sign and pay attention!
    Shit creek ahead, no paddle included!
    If you are reading this sign you are dead… But good news, I saved money on car insurance!
    Highway to hell… Too late to repent now, mwhahahhahaha!
    Alternate dimension ahead, future self is in the past behind you entering in front of you tomorrow before you arrive!!!
    Chicken crossing… But why? Why chicken why?? Why must you cross the road?
    Warning, assholes on road, please honk! Take that assholes!
    Please wait for retard test… (Sign changes to) Keep waiting… (sign change) What are you waiting for retard?! (repeat)

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