Guy Getting Arrested Let’s His Football Allegiance Be Known

Roll Tide

Etowah County is somewhere in Alabama and yesterday their police force conducted a raid of some drug houses and hauled the inhabitants out in cuffs. They also let a local news crew tag along so they could jam a microphone into the suspected drug users/peddlers faces while they were standing around in cuffs.

That seems like an invasion of privacy to me. I mean, even if these people are found not guilty they’re still always going to be the person in the drug raid video. That’s pretty screwed, but hey, who cares about people’s rights or livelihood!?

Anyway, some of the suspected perps had nothing to say. One of them who did, had something awesome to say.

“I’m innocent. Roll Tide.”

If you know anything about Alabama, it’s that they’re crazy about Alabama Crimson Tide football (unless they’re crazy about Auburn football). Roll Tide is the battle cry and signifies allegiance to that particular team.

And what better time to utter it than when you’re being arrested? None, I say!

Note the cop standing next to the guy in cuffs smiles and nods in approval. You’ll see this magical moment just before the halfway mark of the video.

(These guys)