Great-Great Grandmother passes driving test at 79. After 8 attempts.

GREAT great grandmother Thelma Day,Cardiff, Wales can finally rip up her L-plates after passing her driving test after eight attempts – at the ripe old age of 79.

Thelma and her great granddaughter Rebecca Kent took their theory test on the same day 18 months ago and Thelma was the first across the finishing line. Gutted.

A Driving Standards Agency spokeswoman said while Thelma is not the oldest person to pass – a 102-year-old did so two years ago – she has joined an exclusive club of senior new drivers.

“We are delighted Thelma has passed and would like to offer our congratulations,” she said.

As a driver who lives in Cardiff…I’m not so chuffed and will be avoiding the Rumney area from now on.