Grandmother saved by eating her daughters poo!!!!

Is it April 1st because this is one story that goes beyond anything you would ever consider normal.

A grandmother from Scotland was taken ill having contracted a potentially fatal superbug called “Clostridium Difficile”. Ethel McEwan then recieved a “feacal transplant” which involves her eating her daughters faeces. A sample turd is liquidised and fed down a tube into the patient’s stomach.This increases the bacteria in her body which helps fight the superbug.

“When you tell people about the treatment, they wrinkle their noses,” says Mrs McEwan. “But it’s not like they put it on a plate and have you eat it. You don’t ever see or smell a thing.

“People will have a blood transplant or a kidney transplant – what’s the difference with this?”

Good on you Ms McEwan. Thats a PMA if ever i heard one!

If your interested in learning more about the bug (i know your all intrigued!)…wikipedia is a good place to start

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